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Course of 3 treatments - £200

Course of 6 treatments - £375

Single treatment - £80

Microneedling is a skin rejuvenation procedure which aims to tighten and lift the skin using a mechanical micro needling pen containing 12 ultra fine sterile needles.  The needles puncture the skin and create a controlled skin injury which sets in motion the natural healing process of the body, the skin produces collagen and elastin to repair the punctures making the skin plumper and brighter.


As a person ages the body stops producing its own collegen and skin becomes looser, dull in appearance  and contours drop.  Microneedling encourages the body to restart the collegen and elastin production process, which leads to the formation of a thicker, smoother layer of skin.  


This method means that the skins ability to absorb products is greatly increased - being able to absorb 60% of active ingredients applied during the treatment compared to the usual 10% absorption when we apply our daily creams.



Who is it for / what does it treat?

Microneedling and BB Glow is suitable for all skin types and is used to treat and improve conditions such as - 

  • Acne scarring

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Skin texture and pore size

  • Rosacea

  • Hyperpigmentation - sun damage and brown spots

  • Dull / sallow skin - improves radiance


Treatment will not be suitable if 

  • Pregnant

  • Have active skin infections, recent lesions or broken skin in the treatment area

  • Recent use of roaccutane (6-12 months)

  • Recent laser treatment

  • Blood thinning medications - walfurin

  • Have any wound healing problems - diabetes

  • Skin cancer


Microneedling is a painless and comfortable treatment with no side effects and a rapid healing time. 


Immediately after the treatment you can expect  some minor redness and inflammation which usually subsides in a maximum of 48 hours.

A light oil free make-up may be applied after 24 hours and your usual make-up and skin care regime can be resumed after 48 hours.


Following your micro needling treatment you must avoid the following for 48 hours

  • Direct exposure to UV light - sunbathing or sunbeds

  • Swimming or intensive cardio (sweating)

  • Spray or self tanning

  • Cosmetic tattooing (4 weeks post treatment)

  • Further clinical treatments such as laser treatments, chemical peels and dermal fillers and injectables



For best results it is recommended to have a course of 3-6 treatments, 3-4 weeks apart.  However, you are likely to see improvements from as little as one treatment, and will continue to see improvement over 6-12 months post treatment (course) if a proper skin care regime is followed.


Treatment process:

  • Glycolic skin cleansing

  • Glycolic exfoliation

  • Application of active ingredients - Vitamin C, Retinol or Hyaluronic acid

  • Repeat application of active ingredients

  • Intense collagen face mask


Treatment time is 1 hour including consultation, pre and post treatment advice and aftercare kit is all included.



Course of 3 treatments - £150

Course of 6 treatments - £300

Single treatment - £60


BB Glow is a unique Korean produced serum with the addition of a foundation.  The serum is enriched with natural plant extracts, stem cells and Vitamin B3.

Using the microneedling therapy system the goal of the treatment is to lighten and smooth the face skin tone including fine lines and wrinkles.  This treatment will create a delicate foundation effect which can help to disguise facial imperfections, illuminate and lift the skin.  

A BB glow treatment is a safe and intensive skin treatment that can assist in the reduction of the appearance of freckles and lightening of your skin.  


Treatment process:

  • Glycolic skin cleansing

  • Glycolic exfoliation

  • Microneedling treatment with application of active ingredients - Vitamin C, Retinol or Hyaluronic acid

  • Application of BB Glow tinted serum


Treatment results:

  • Smoothes the skin

  • Lifting effect

  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Evens skin tone

  • Reduces redness

  • Pore size reduction

  • Reduced dark circles under eyes

  • Colour serum component  brightens skin giving soft gloss effect 

  • Long term results (up to 6months after uninterrupted treatment repeated 4-5 times)


Treatment time is 45minutes including consultation, pre and post treatment advice.

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