We have been waxing for 15 years and so we have extensive experience and knowledge of the hair, its growth cycles and how the skin reacts, putting you in safe hands. 


For the ladies, we offer all general waxing (legs, under arm, bikini, arms) as well as female intimate waxing.

For the men, we offer  body waxing for face, back, chest and under arm/arms.

We use both warm wax and hot wax as hair removal mediums.


Waxing is the best hair removal technique, providing reliable and lasting results if you maintain a good routine. It exfoliates the skin by removing dead or shedding layers, leaving you with fresh and smooth skin immediately after treatment.

A better alternative to shaving, the process removes the hair from the root so the follicle will take around 3-6 weeks to produce a new hair  Once the new hair breaks through the skin it will be soft and fine as opposed to the thick and prickly results you get from shaving in as little as one day!



No! Other than for your  FIRST treatment when the hairs need to be around 2-3 weeks old to be able to be grabbed by the wax.

Providing you maintain regular appointments every 3-6 weeks the hair growth cycle will become reliable and hairs will only breakthrough on the week you are due for your wax.  Meaning that you never have to grow out the hairs again after that first treatment!

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